Thermal Technology Performance Series Tyre Warmers

Only Black and Red sizes are stocked, all others by special order only.

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Thermal Technology Performance Tyre Warmers The best relationship between quality and price.

Manufactured from nylon fabric with a Carbon Fibre resistance heating element arranged vertically on the outer sides and horizontally on the central part guaranteeing maximum and uniform heat transfer to the tyre. These Warmers are used extensively by British, American, European and World SuperStock teams.

Available in Black, Red & Blue. If your tyre size is 200/60 we recommend the XXL 205

Tyre Warmer Size Recommendations for Thermal Technology [M] 160 [L] 180/55 190/50 [XL] 180/60 190/55 200/55 195/65 [XXL] 200/60 205/65

Available in sizes: # XXXS Ø 6.5” XXS Ø 10” # XS Ø 12” # H Ø 18” S 120 M 160 L 180 XL 190/200 XXL > 205

# Special Order Only - Please allow 4 to 6 week for delivery


  • Manufactured from Resin Nylon fabric with Carbon Strand Heat Resistance Technology.
  • 6mm insulation with thermo-reflective layer.
  • Horizontal and Vertical element layout.
  • Internal mechanical protection with high tensile Cotton material.
  • Heavy Duty Velcro seal to ensure complete tyre coverage.
  • Elastic stretcher on Warmer skirt and tyre side.


  • Heating regulation with bimetallic thermostat 85°C
  • Nylon external fabric
  • Insulation with reflective layer
  • Heating element with trasversal and longitudinal shape
  • Cotton internal fabric
  • Elastic cord on skirt

All Thermal Technology products come with a Two (2) Year Limited Warranty

Made in Italy